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AngelList returns to its founder-focused roots. with a twist

&tarr; PUBLICIDAD (lo que paga la factura)

  1. AngelList launched the AngelList Stack, a new suite of slot products that will compete with Carta in services to help founders start, operate, and maintain ownership of their companies. The new software will cover four bases: end-to-end incorporation, business banking, advisory capital, and peak table management.

    Avlok Kohli, CEO of AngelList, said, “Every time you go to start a company You have to start with this optimism. “You have this idea. you are very confident and you want to do it Then there are some common things that you need to figure out.AngelList Stack's concept is to implement a mundane and esoteric process in starting a company. 

    And to simplify, said Kohli, who was a repeat founder before joining AngelList.An end-to-end incorporation service will help founders find the documentation to actually start a company. from which the state will merge with the type of business to follow. It also helps founders track and file 83(b) filings, a unique but important document for stakeholders 

    who may have to pay back millions of taxes if they do wrong.

    By providing founders with a simpler UX, Kohli hopes AngelList can do more than provide legal advice to the official launch of the company.awyers often view incorporation as loss leaders simply to build relationships with founders and work with them in the future. Or just to make paperwork easier,” Kohli says, “but they stop there.” Alternatively, AngelList wants to bring founders to the next tool: banking services.

    Banking tools have two parts: a deposit account with interest and a debit card. Both accounts make it easier for founders to accept automatic bank transfers from investors. This can be integrated with AngelList's new cap table tool. The cap tool will include digital stock issuances, SAFEs, 409As reporting, and employee entitlements.

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  2. Cogné! Spam in inglish!

    To shit to the railway! 

    Leonor, tu serás SIEMPRE la princesa...
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  3. Muy poca originalidad. Si fuera spam en euskera tendría más estilo. Ja,ja,ja!

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