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It'd be maddening. In 1960, the Masters changed to a lot. Instead of scores, Clifford Roberts'd the leaderboards simply show at which they're in relation, and what gap the top 10 contenders have been playing. Other championships embraced what's the normal live system.

The program is punctuated with golfing landmarks, like Rae's Creek, the trickling brook in one's center of Amen Corner that gobbles balls up that neglect to accomplish the 12th green. Appearance 1 manner, and means of a stone bridge named for legend Ben Hogan spanned it. Look one other and there is still another sweeping. Read this: for more information.

The first Masters in 1934 also indicated a return to competitive golf by Bobby Jones, who in 1930 had swept what afterward were considered the 4 Grand Slam tourneys of golf: the British Open, the British , the U.S. open up and also the U.S. novice. Is a guy who chooses 200 strokes throughout the 14 th hole of this round before the ball player with 159 since he walks off the green?

Therefore just how can the Masters turn into the Masters? How did it over take those different great events that needed a head start and earn fame because golf premier tournament?

Sure, it's almost enough to make one think this must be exactly where golf was born.

As well as to get the duration of the championship, heritage lessons will emanate non-stop from Butler Cabin, CBS' broadcast headquarters. In addition, the Masters' green jacket extends annually for this year king of golfing from a year's champ clubs.

But suppose what? Of the four main tournaments of golf, the Masters is the most youthful, starting just in 1934.

The British Open had been full gear all the way in 1860, when people Magnolia Lane trees have been saplings. And the PGA Championship has a 1916 coming date.

So yes, Jones' return was an extremely major deal, and each one of the sports writers that were going home following the finish of spring training in Florida ended up only too content to add a remain in Augusta for their itineraries.

But it is not just Nantz's repetition of his Masters catchphrase that makes us get into the fact Augusta National is every bit as unique that a golfing encounter as if astronaut Alan Shepard flipped into on the moon to his individual driving array.

Imagine watching the week's Masters, also attempting to work out who is resulting from appearing at total strokes obtained.

Visitors are bombarded by Masters traditions the moment their automobiles roll onto Magnolia Lane, where Augusta National's entry road is lined with bushes planted ahead of the Civil War.

Jones experienced walked abruptly at age of 28, in the absolute pinnacle of the livelihood. Think about if Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer or Tiger Woods had suddenly taken a four-year hiatus from golf sport when they reached superstar status.

Likewise, the Masters was the first tournament to sprinkle leader-boards throughout the class, instead of owning just one close the completing club house.

With the approach of this year's Masters, it's yet more time for Jim Nantz to whisper in our ears which we are about to savor"a tradition unlike any other."

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