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About us

Where are you?

Rodadas is a website about traveling by bicycle and all sorts of things related to cycling. Rodadas is a personal project of Álvaro Martín and Alicia Urrea (that’s us). Both of us are spanish, write in Spanish and live currently in Madrid, so we guess you could say it’s an spanish website.

Here you can find lots of information (in Spanish) about:

When we are on the road this site becomes the platform we use to tell our friends and family where we are and how we are doing.

Who are we?

Alvaro walking on the snowÁlvaro Martín is an IT engineer, bike-and-mountainering-freek and amateur photgrapher. He currently works for Nevintec, an IT company specialized in GIS Technologies (basically maps and stuff like that). He’s also getting a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence and is fluent in some 10 computer programming languages. He can also speak several human languages such as English or German. His first real cycling trip happened when he was 10 years old. He still remembers that day when he did 100 kms. He’s been looking for someone to cycle with him ever since.

You can reach him at: alvaro (at) rodadas (dot) net

Helado de nata y chocolateAlicia Urrea got a major in Journalism, but after some years working for magazines she decided to give in to the dark side of the Force and became an information architect and project manager for eCliente, a company whose clients are primarily NGOs. She’s also getting a PhD in Development, Social Change and Communication (Sociology). She started cycling only 5 years ago when both Alvaro and her decided to do a Tour around the Netherlands. She speaks English and French and can say “How much does it cost”, “Hello” and “Sorry I step on your foot” in at least 5 or 6 other languages.

Alicia is available at: alicia (at) rodadas (dot) net

If you would like to contact any of us, but are sure who’s best, just email avoyali (at) rodadas (dot) net and we will answer as soon as possible

About this website

All of its content is under a Creative Commons License. You are welcome to reproduce it wherever you’d like IF you don’t get profit from it AND if you mention the authors (that’ll be us)

Rodadas uses WordPress as its Content Management System. The template is Alicia’s fault, but all the programming mess is Álvaro’s. If you want to know anything else, please, feel free to contact us.

La gente siempre se queja de que no se dan las circunstancias adecuadas para hacer esto o lo otro pero yo no me lo creo. Al final los que triunfan en este mundo son aquellos que se levantan y buscan las circunstancias que quieren y, si no las pueden encontrar, las crean.

— George Bernard Shaw

A no ser que se indique lo contrario, los contenidos están bajo licencia de Creative Commons.

Estamos alojados con eCliente, que además de ser muy buenos en lo que hacen, son buena gente. La tecnología detrás de Rodadas

Rodadas está en la red desde mayo de 2005.

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